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In my work i am interested in the comprehension of different states of consciousness and the connection between our tangible reality, the unconscious realms and fiction. especially dream experiences and the mechanisms of memory fascinate me, and how personal stories are mirrored through myths and human experiences are affected by archetypal motifs, emerging from the unconscious mind.

the human figure is usually the center of my work. it appears incomplete, distorted, grotesque, sometimes though the more funny aspects dominate. symbols, human body parts, sometimes fused with animals, plants or objects to form new entities, as well as archaic shapes, reminiscent of microscopic images, populate my work, and are often references to well-known myths or archetypal themes, suggesting interpretations of the brief pictorial narratives. autobiographical content and personal mythological motifs are combined with dream imagery to form surrealistic and playful sceneries.


i work with different media including drawing, painting, sculpture, video, sound and digital media, such as virtual reality. i explore possibilities of interplay between these media, and combine analog and digital material in two-and three-dimensional spaces, for example by translating hand drawings or sculptures into digital space and animating them, combining them with soundscapes to create virtual environments, through which viewers can navigate with the help of a vr headset.